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Please see our FAQ's below. If you can't find the answer to your question you can email our support team at support@fishingticket.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Fishing Tickets

To make a ticket booking you will need to create a Customer Account. You can do this here.
Once your account is set up you can then find your favourite fishery, choose the date you want to go fishing, select the type of ticket you would like and follow the steps through to payment and booking confirmation. Your e-ticket and order confirmation will be sent to the email address you provided in your Customer Account. That’s it, you’re ready to go fishing!

Fishingticket.com uses Stripe, one of the worlds most trusted payment processors.
You can pay with major credit and debit cards.

To help us maintain and develop the service we charge a £1 service fee (+VAT) which is added on to the end of the booking. So, for example, if you buy a £10 day ticket, the total booking cost will be £11.20 (inc.VAT).

Once you’re booking is confirmed your e-ticket will be sent to you via email with your booking confirmation. You can then save it on your smartphone (wallet). Remember you will need your e-ticket to show on arrival at the fishery or to bailiffs. We'll also send you an SMS Message 24hrs before you go!

When you signed up you created a Customer Account. When you login all the information about your bookings and payments is shown in your Customer Account dashboard.

Please be aware that once you pay and confirm a ticket booking you cannot change or cancel it for any reason and bookings are non-refundable. Please see Terms of Service

If for any reason the fishery cannot fulfil your ticket booking, (because of unforeseen lake closures such as spawning or flooding) then they may offer you an alternative date/s or you can request a refund. Please note that the Service Fee is not refundable. Please see Terms of Service

Fishery Listings

Some fisheries operate a Club Membership scheme which means you need to join and be a member to fish there. Typically, a small joining fee applies, and you will then still need to buy tickets to fish. Sorry, we don’t sell Club Memberships here (yet), you will need to contact the fishery or associated club directly.

Currently, we don’t offer season tickets, this is something we’re planning to add in future updates to the service.

Sorry no. We recommend contacting the fishery directly to make any special requests like this.

Useful fishery information and rules are provided on each listing. Any questions relating to angling, tips and tactics, the venue, stock, what to expect, etc. need to be directed to your chosen fishery.

Getting Started (as a Vendor)

There's a one-off joining fee of £100 (excluding VAT). You don't need to pay the joining fee straight away – we'll send you a business invoice. It will need paying within 14 days of receipt.

Our commission is 6% (excluding VAT) on every Fishing Ticket Booking you take. So, if you sell a ticket worth £12, for example, our commission would be 72p (that's 60p commission plus 12p VAT). There is also a £1.00 (excluding VAT) Service Fee which is paid to us, by the customer, each time they book.

Your Vendor Account

It's all automatic. Fishingticket.com uses Stripe, one of the worlds most trusted payment processors. It connects to your bank, so you get secure payments as tickets are sold. We’ll need your details to set this up and for authorisation. And don’t worry, we pay all the Stripe processing fees, not you.

When a customer buys a ticket, their order and related payment are displayed in your Vendor Dashboard straight away. Once their ticket is active (valid date) and providing payment been cleared by Stripe, our payment processors, you can withdraw the funds into your bank account

Your Vendor Dashboard shows a live view of daily ticket sales, advance bookings, so your always in control.

Your Listing

As long as you have accepted our Terms of Service, added all the information and content needed for your listing, we'll check it and once approved your fishery can usually be live on Fishingticket.com within 24-48 hours. You'll also need to verify your individual or company information and bank details with Stripe, our payment partners. This only takes a few minutes to do.

Of course. Using your Vendor Dashboard, you can set and change your ticket types and prices whenever you like. Fishingticket.com displays your face-value ticket prices, (including any tax where applicable). Our Service Fee is shown separately. Remember, if you are VAT registered, you’ll need to include VAT in the ticket prices you set.

No, not at all, you can sell as many tickets you wish to allocate to Fishingticket.com, providing you have availability and enough swims. You can still sell tickets at your fishery, the old-fashioned way!

Sorry no. We know some fisheries allow anglers to book pegs in advance. This can put anglers off, especially if they see that their favourite peg is already booked.
You could always sell tickets on fishingticket.com and then ask anglers to make particular peg or special arrangements with you directly using the special ticket information section.

You'll need to create a separate listing for each lake. This will make it easy for anglers to find each lake and increase your chance of sales.
Don't worry, you don't have to pay a separate joining fee for each lake. Providing they are all part of the same fishery you only pay this once.
You can manage listings, sales, payments and accounting for all your lakes/reivers from one Vendor dashboard.

Managing Bookings

We take security very seriously. Your Vendor Dashboard shows the details for each unique ticket you sell and can be checked online or printed off and used by bailiffs on their rounds. Digital tickets are sent straight to the customer’s mobile, so you or your bailiffs can simply ask to check and validate them accordingly. They’re not so easy to lose! Each digital ticket is unique, with its own security code and only valid until the expiry date/time shown on the ticket, so if an angler doesn't have a valid ticket you can easily see.

If for any reason the fishery can't fulfil a booking because the lake needs to close because of spawning or flooding, for example, you can offer the customer an alternative date/s or if the customer requests, the booking can be refunded in full. Our service fees plus a £2 cancellation charge will be deducted from your Vendor account for each refunded booking. Remember, a customer cannot change or cancel their booking, and bookings are non-refundable (except in the case of unforeseen lake closures described above). Please see Terms of Service ref cancellations.