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Aldenham Angling Club

Aldenham Lane, Aldenham Road, Elstree, Borehamwood WD6 3BA, UK

07857 *** Register or login to view

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Carp and Coarse

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Intermediate and Advanced

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30 swims

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66 acres

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Stock: Bream, Carp, Perch, Pike and Tench




Aldenham Reservoir is a 66 acre coarse fishing water which holds superb stock including; tench (6lbs+), carp (40lbs+), pike (30lbs+) Roach (1lbs+), Hybrids (6lbs+), Bream (14lbs+), Perch (4lbs+) and more!!


Members are allowed to fish in all designated areas of the lake (see map). Swims are on a first come first served basis, (an exception to disabled swims, 48-hour notice to fishery management to reserve) and saving swims for another angler is not permitted. 

  • No excessive alcohol or drugs of any kind. The lake is situated in a country park with many children and the public walking around, so we please ask that you are sensible at all times.
  • Fishery bailiffs have the authority to request rig checks at any time. Any member who is obstructive, abusive or violent towards a bailiff in the execution of their duties will be asked to leave. You may be subject to a lifetime ban, with no refund. In all matters relating to the fish welfare and behaviour, the bailiff’s decision is final.
  • No fixed leads. No barbless hooks (micro-barbed only)
  • Members are reminded that when on CLUB WATER they are there at their own risk, whether fishing or not. No liability can be accepted by the Club for damage or loss to members of their property.
  • Carp care kits must be in your tackle bag at all times (Bailiffs will be randomly checking for this)
  • All anglers must carry an unhooking mat and landing net at all times with their net spray provided (42″ landing net minimum)
  • All fish caught must be returned. Removal of any fish will be treated as theft and individuals will be prosecuted.
  • No keepnets, only on organized matches. (Keepnets will be provided for this by the fishery)
  • Rod Limits. Adult (17+) are allowed 3 rods. Junior (under 16) are allowed 2 rods. Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • No rods to be left unattended, you are responsible for your OWN rods when fishing on this water, please make sure you are not walking more than 20ft max. away from your rods. If someone is keeping an eye on your rods for you (another member only),
    they must not exceed their personal rod licence limit with the number of rods fishing at one time if sharing a swim.
  • Fishermen are responsible for their litter and their visitors’ litter, this must be taken home with you and not left on the fishery.
    Please make sure you are carrying rubbish bags in your tackle bag and take all rubbish home with you.
  • No dinghies, fires, BBQ’s, boats (remote control bait boats are allowed)
  • South bay is out of bounds and not allowed to be fished due to being a nature reserve. Car Park bay is a no wading area. Anyone found to be in these two areas will be given an immediate lifetime ban and details will be passed onto authorities.
  • When fishing the dam wall make sure the footpath is kept clear at all times. When casting from the dam wall please make sure of your surroundings.
  • If you are spinning or lure fishing along the dam wall, you must have waders and stand in the water, so the lures and spinners do not exceed the dam wall.
  • Plastic and metal bait screws are not allowed to be used on this water.
  • Bait – Anyone using (pre-made or purchased) tiger nuts/peanuts as hook baits – must contact the fishery before use so we are able to inspect that it has been properly cooked. We will allow half a kilo per 24hour session.
  • Car Park Parking – If friends/family are dropping off supplies to anglers, please let them know, due to limited spaces they will have a 20 minute limit in the car park.IF THESE RULES ARE BROKEN YOU MAY BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE FISHERY AND NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN