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Errwood Fly Fishing Club

Errwood Reservoir, Buxton, UK

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Trout fishing only

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Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

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25 swims

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85 acres

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Stock: Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout



Errwood Fly Fishing Club (EFFC) is a members club run by fly anglers, for fly anglers. We are based in the spectacular Goyt Valley, a couple of miles from of Buxton. We encourage youngsters, and people new to the sport of fly fishing.

Errwood Fly Fishing Club offers quality and affordable fly fishing in some of the most picturesque scenery in England.

There is ample parking and plenty of fishing just a few yards away. For anglers who do not enjoy a long walk, the close proximity of a gently sloping bank is much appreciated. Friendship and a chat about angling supplement a fine fishing venue.


EFFC Club Rules & Conduct

As with any club there are rules and regulations that we have to adhere to for legal, insurance, environmental and administrative reasons, but also rules we have put in place to maximise your day’s enjoyment while offering a fair angling experience for both members and visitors.

Errwood Fly Fishing Club, Day Ticket Rules (Revised 2016)

Bye-Laws and Fishing Rules for Day Ticket Anglers

  1. Day Tickets may be issued from the 3rd Saturday in March until 30th November.
  2. Tickets are non transferable.
  3. Hours of fishing are from sunrise to sunset.
  4. Ticket holders fishing with Members may start at times stipulated for Members in the Club Rules.
  5. Ticket holders fish entirely at their own risk. The Club accepts no responsibility for loss, damage, injury or accident.
  6. E-Tickets must be available on the bank for inspection when requested – mobile phone or screen shot / print.
  7. No Brown Trout are to be killed, regardless of size.  Should a Brown Trout be hooked badly/bleeding excessively it should be dispatched as quickly and as humanely as possible and left at the waterside.  All Brown Trout shall remain the property of Errwood Fly Fishing Club and must not be taken.
  8. Fly-fishing only is allowed. Floats, spinners and ledgers are forbidden. Ground baiting or any form of bait fishing is forbidden.
  9. Only three fish can be killed in one day after which the angler shall leave the water immediately. Catch and release can be practised until the third fish is killed.
  10. All anglers on fishing club/fishery waters must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency (EA) licence at all times. All relevant EA bye laws will be observed on club waters. Failure to provide an EA license to an appropriate official could lead to expulsion from the club/fishery.
  11. No wading is allowed.
  12. Fishing is not permitted from the dam head nor in front of the Sailing Club premises, and under no circumstances from the pontoon. Gate Entry is via code 01969 then push the button on the padlock on the side gate.
  13. No radios or dogs are allowed within 30 yards of the high water mark. No fires at all.
  14. Ticket holders may park their cars on the authorised car parks only (not in the Sailing Club car park).
  15. Tickets, catches and bags must be produced on the request of any Bailiff or Club Member.
  16. Returns of fish caught (including nil return) must be posted in the box provided near the control tower or at the sailing club frontage.
  17. Juniors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult ticket holder.
  18. No angler may cast his/her line if there is a possibility of it fouling any water borne craft.
  19. Leaving litter and gutting of fish on the banks or in the water is strictly forbidden.
  20. Anyone breaking the fishing rules will be excluded from the water.

Membership Information

Please submit your catch returns, using this link

Errwood Fly Fishing Club currently maintains a waiting list for membership.
To join the waiting list please contact the club directly.