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Horseshoe Lake

Horseshoe Lake, Burford Road, Lechlade GL7 3QQ, UK

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76 swims

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62 acres

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Stock: Bream, Perch, Roach, Rudd and Tench


Horseshoe Lake is one of the UK’s most iconic carp fisheries and home to the Carp Society. The 62-acre gravel pit is situated just outside the market town of Lechlade on the borders of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, has 75 swims, many of which are double swims. Home to over 1,000 carp, averaging 20lb and up to 38lb, Horseshoe is run on traditional lines, with a shop, toilet and shower facilities.

We pride ourselves on the care we take to ensure your enjoyment, safety and security. We like to meet all our anglers on their first visit so we can pass on whatever hints and tips we can to assist your choices of swim, baits and techniques. All of our bailiffs are highly experienced anglers and are here to help.

Directions and Access

please refer to for how to fish Horseshoe Lake 


Before you fish

1. Only Carp Society members and authorised visitors may enter the property and produce their permit and/or membership card to a Carp Society official on request. If such documents cannot be produced the person may be asked to leave the property by a Carp Society official. Non-fishing visitors must report to the office or bailiff.
All non-fishing guests must hold valid Carp Society memberships and are not permitted to be given the gate code to the lake. Access/Exit must be carried out by the permit holder

2. Permit holders are entitled to fish the water for the period for which their permit applies except for: Special events – notified on our Events page – Spawning – notified on Facebook and our website – Environmental incidents – notified on Facebook and our website. Such closures are limited as much as possible however The Directors reserve the right to close the lake without prior notice at their discretion with no liability of compensation.

3. The permit holders’ gate to the property must be closed and locked immediately after entry or exit. The roundabout gate must be locked outside of office hours and the code must not, under any circumstances be given out.

4. Whilst on the property vehicles must be driven carefully and quietly and must be parked in the car parks provided. Loading or unloading of vehicles is permitted on the roadways, but vehicles must not be parked on the grass.

5. Fishing is only permitted from authorised numbered swims. Red post swims permit two anglers to fish together to a maximum of four rods from the swim (i.e. two each). White post swims are for single angler occupancy to a maximum of two rods. Blue post swims are for a single angler, single rod, daylight only use. No bivvying is permitted in blue post swims. Anglers using blue post swims are not permitted to leave tackle in other swims whilst fishing.

6. Note: From 1 November until 31 March a single angler fishing a red or white post swim may fish with three rods provided that he/she is in possession of the appropriate E.A. licences. Please note the exception is that two anglers sharing a red post swim are limited to two rods each at all times.

7. Season permit holders are permitted to fish 3 rods in all double swims fishing alone and any swim in the Winter Bay from swims 9 – 45 only. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO DAY TICKETS

8. No swims may be altered without the consent of a bailiff or Carp Society Official. Climbing of trees is not permitted.

9. No boats of any description are allowed on the water other than the authorised use of a boat by the bailiffs in the course of their duties.

10. No wading permitted except for landing and returning fish over shallow water.

11. Anglers fishing for carp or pike must use a minimum of 15lb breaking strain monofilament line. Float fishing for other species must be carried out with a minimum of 5.5lb line. When feeder fishing for tench, anglers must use a minimum mainline strength of 10lb mono.

12. Dogs must not be brought on to the venue.

13. It is the responsibility of any angler occupying a swim to ensure that the swim and surrounding area is kept free of litter. Take all litter home, this includes teabags and cigarette ends.

14. The use of all lead core, braided mainlines and shock/carp leaders (i.e. where there is any knot above the hook link) on any baited rods is not permitted.

15. Unhooking mats must be a minimum of 1.2m x 0.8m x 40mm. All anglers must be in possession of a DRY landing net of adequate size (at least 90cm arms or Specialist Pan 88 x 65 cm), sacking of fish is strictly prohibited.

16. Barbless hooks must be used at all times; crushed barbed hooks and the use of long shank hooks are not permitted.

17. The use of nuts as hook baits or in loose feed is not permitted.

18. No guns, crossbows or weapons of any kind are allowed on the property unless authorized by the lake management.

19. No open fires to be lit on the property.

20. Anglers must not introduce into the lake from any other water any live or dead freshwater fish, spawn or pond plants.

21. The minimum age for holding an unaccompanied permit is 17 years old.

22. Juniors aged 10-15 years can only fish if accompanied by an adult (who must at no time be more than one swim away). The junior must purchase a day ticket before commencing fishing. Children under the age of 5 are not permitted on the property except in the Lodge area under parental supervision.

23. Any person fishing the waters must hold the relevant E.A. licence.

24. Permit holders may be accompanied by non-fishing partner/related child companion who holds a valid CS membership.

25. No swims can be reserved by any means. Anglers considered to be reserving swims, especially communicating by mobile phone with anglers not already at the lake, risk being banned from the fishery. Please note that bivvying up behind an angler already occupying a swim is not permitted.

Whilst fishing

26. Any Carp caught 30lb and above you must call Karl 07814 258897 who will come to take a photo which will enable us to keep an up to date record of the lake stock.

27. Unruly and abusive behaviour (verbal or physical) between individuals or groups of anglers, or towards Carp Society property or personnel will be deemed to be a rule infringement. All anglers must (at the discretion of the bailiff) conduct themselves in a sportsman-like manner and observe good angling etiquette.

28. An angler may be absent from his/her swim for a maximum of 4 hours and off-site for a maximum of 2 hours in any 24hr period. Please note: stalking whilst occupying a permanent swim is allowed with one rod only but only when space permits. This must not interfere with another angler’s fishing and is allowed at the bailiff’s discretion.

29. No angler’s baited rods must be left unattended. This includes ‘walking out’ of lines to clip up, if other lines remain in the water. It is not acceptable to leave rods under the control of another angler who is already fishing.

30. Wound in rods must not be left unattended without the hook bait being removed.

31. Fishing in areas which are out of bounds or in swims which are closed is prohibited.

32. The Carp Society shall have the right to inquire into, and take the appropriate action in the event of an alleged infringement of the rules in accordance with the current bailiff guidelines, which are published on the Carp Society website. A paper copy is available from the office.

33. Rule infringements. All permits holders warned for rule breaking could have their permit punched; a second infringement will result in your permit being withdrawn without compensation.

34. Hourly ticket holders infringing a rule will be warned and on the second occasion will be requested to leave the lake immediately. All rule infringements will be recorded. Return of any permit or options to purchase further tickets are entirely at the discretion of the Society management team.

35. All bailiffs and Carp Society Officials have the right to examine any vehicle on, entering or leaving the property to ensure that fish are not being removed, transported illegally or stolen. This right may only be exercised in the presence of the person using the vehicle, but refusal to cooperate may result in the termination of the vehicle user’s rights to fish and/or be on the property. Any person found attempting to remove fish from any Carp Society water shall automatically lose their permit(s) and membership. Subject to the seriousness of the incident the Carp Society can suspend permission to fish whilst investigating an alleged infringement.

36. Random checks will be made with regard to permits, memberships, licences, rigs and bait.

37. The toilets provided must be used appropriately. No defecating in bushes or surrounding areas.

38. An angler may spend a maximum of 96 hours (4 days) in a swim before having to vacate it. This is deemed to commence from 10am on the first day of occupancy irrespective of the time of arrival. The same angler cannot reoccupy that swim for a further 120 hours from 10am on the day of his/her departure. For anglers doubling up in red post swims the time limit is set from the first occupying angler. Except designated green post swims (see #39)

39. Anglers may spend a maximum of 7 nights or 168 hours in a green post swim as indicated on the map. As above the same angler cannot reoccupy that swim for a further 120 hours from the day of departure.

40. Your permit/hourly ticket remains the property of The Carp Society and is non-transferable and non-refundable

41. Should you lose your permit or membership card a replacement will be supplied following payment of an administrative fee.

42. When Surface fishing only one rod per angler may be used, ie not one floater rod and one bottom rod. The use of “Beachcaster” style rigs is not permitted.

43. All fish landed must be returned back to the lake in the shortest possible time. A period of ten minutes from the fish going into the landing net to being released is the benchmark. If for whatsoever reason you anticipate it taking longer you must contact the duty bailiff and seek permission. Permission will never be granted for the simple reason that you are waiting for better conditions for a photo. You must under no circumstances land a fish in darkness and keep it in a retainer until daylight for the reason of getting a better photo. The only time a fish may be kept in a retainer is to allow you to sort out your unhooking and photographing procedures out; this time is included in the ten-minute allocation. The fish must be out of the water for no longer than 5 minutes at a maximum. If for whatever reason you do not think you can meet these criteria (it maybe you think the fish will benefit from a rest before release) you must contact the duty bailiff and explain why before proceeding. As a general rule of thumb if you are making a continuous effort to photograph, look after the fish, apply carp care and return the fish safely, should it take slightly longer than 10 minutes there shouldn’t be a problem.

44. Under no circumstances, once you have landed a fish, should that rod or any other be recast into the water until the fish has been safely returned.

Any rule infringement will be noted and tickets/cards will be marked accordingly. A second rule infringement will result in the angler/s being asked to leave the lake immediately.
Future access to the lake will then be subject to the consideration of the Society Management, who will notify the angler/s in writing.
The Bailiffs carry the full support of the management team and their decisions are final.

Membership Information

Anglers wishing to fish at Horseshoe Lake must hold a valid Carp Society Membership.
Membership is available for an annual charge of £25 (adults) £10 (juniors).

Click Here to Purchase Membership (you will be redirected to the Carp Society Website)

The calendar currently shows availability Monday – Thursday, the system is being amended to suit our access requirements for day tickets. You can also buy tickets onsite on the day of arrival subject to availability.

Day ticket arrival and departure times on Horseshoe (arriving directly) 

Midweek Day ticket anglers can arrive and book in at the shop between the hours of 0900 – 1600 Monday to Friday. Departure from the lake is also only permitted during those hours. That does not mean you have to arrive and leave on the same day. You can fish as many days/ nights as you wish but on your departure date, you can only leave between 0900 -1600. The weekend arrival and departure are slightly different. See below

Weekend – You can arrive and report to the shop on Saturday between 0900 – 1200 (midday) No arrivals on Sunday If you are leaving the lake on Saturday or Sunday, you must do so between the hours 0900- 1200 (midday). The day ticket gate will be unlocked between those hours on Saturday so please just close the otter fence gate behind you when you leave. The gates will, however, be locked on Sunday. If you are leaving on Sunday (only permissible between 0900-1200 midday) you will be given a phone number to ring to let you out.

This procedure is brought about strictly for security reasons. We want our anglers to be able to come to Horseshoe, relax and enjoy the fabulous fishing and surrounding environment available here. There is an alternative should our opening hours not suit. We offer a 12 month permit that gives you unlimited access, so please look at that option. We appreciate this will not suit everybody but too many times now over the years we have found the gates left open and unlocked and found people who shouldn’t be on the lake wondering round willy nilly. It’s all well and good saying ban people or name and shame them but in reality that is closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. Unfortunately we live in a time when selfishness and lack of respect for others seems to be the order of the day and we have to react accordingly to ensure the comfort and safety of our anglers.

Prefer unrestricted fishing please refer to our Permit information (here)