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Leeds Liverpool Canal (Wigan AA)

Sunny View, Abbey Village, Chorley PR6 8DF, UK

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Coarse fishing only

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Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

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90 swims

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26 miles

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Stock: Bream, Perch, Pike, Roach and Rudd



Wigan and District Angling Association 

Excellent coarse and pike fishing –  great for the beginner or experienced Match angler.

Your day ticket covers 26 miles of canal:

Leeds Liverpool Canal from Johnson’s Hill Lock, Whittle le Woods Chorley,
through to Saracens Head Halsall (PR6 8DF-L39 8RH).

Wigan Branch from Poolstock through to Dover Lock Abram (WN3 5DU – WN2 5XX).

Directions and Access

Leeds Liverpool Canal from Johnson’s Hill Lock, Whittle le Woods, Chorley, through to Saracens Head, Halsall (PR6 8DF-L39 8RH)

Wigan Branch from Poolstock through to Dover Lock Abram (WN3 5DU – WN2 5XX)


The Match and Emergency Committee have the discretion to amend any of the Association rules at any time during the year if they feel the welfare of our fish stocks could be harmed.

  1. Members are expected to behave in an appropriate manner at all times and show consideration for other anglers and members of the public. Most importantly, the association expects anglers to treat the fish with the respect that they deserve and handle them with every care.
  2. Wigan and District Angling Association reserves the right to eject anglers if we feel their behaviour is inappropriate. The consumption of alcohol is not permitted, anyone behaving badly under the influence of alcohol will be banned from the Association.
  3. Due to previous attempts to steal fish, we reserve the right to check anglers vehicles at any time. Anyone attempting to remove fish will be prosecuted.
  4. ALL members rubbish must be taken home, failure to do so could mean expulsion from the Association
  5. Rods must not be left unattended
  6. A maximum of two rods only
  7. No spinning facing boats
  8. No live baits
  9. No fires
  10. Radios can only be used with headphones
  11. No food tins to be brought to any fishery
  12. Strictly no meat products to be used at Fan Lodge or Moran’s Moat
  13. No nuts of any description to be used
  14. Groundbait and particles to be used in moderate amounts. All bailiffs have the right to challenge a member if they feel they are feeding inappropriate amounts when spodding or using a bait boat
  15. A strict 5 mile per hour limit, must be adhered to when entering any Wigan AA venue
  16. Inline swimfeeders only, with the exception of the Guru Xsafe system
  17. No braided hooklengths or leadcore
  18. Some Wigan AA waters have specific rules for hook types and maximum size theses will be displayed on their notice boards and bailiffs will have the right to check ALL member’s rigs
  19. Keepnets are allowed during the close season however, please be mindful of the amount of fish being placed in your keepnet. Any bailiff as the right to check the amount of fish being kept in the net. If the bailiff requests that the fish be returned to the water, then members must adhere to the request
  20. Strictly No Night Fishing unless a Night Card holder or Syndicate member. Only then on waters specified on their membership card.
  21. No fish to be taken away from the water dead or alive.
  22. No transferring fish from one Wigan AA water to another without the express permission of the committee.