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Midsuffolk Fishery

Cranley Green Road, Eye IP23 7HY, UK

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Carp and Coarse

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Advanced skill level

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8 swims

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2.5 acres

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Stock: Carp, Crucian, Perch, Rudd and Tench



Midsuffolk Fishery is a fully enclosed, secure, otter-fenced fishery covering seven acres holding four connected ponds. There are two and a half acres of water, with a total of over one kilometre of bankside space.

The ponds have been carefully managed and stocked, including the addition of VS carp, which have already achieved weights up to mid-twenties. The fishery has been lightly fished to protect and preserve the fish and the surroundings, meaning many of the carp are previously uncaught.

These complement the existing stocks of carp, roach, rudd, tench, bream, perch, chub, and crucians.

The fishery offers quality fishing in a nature-rich and bio-diverse environment. High water quality means there are willows, reeds, lilies, reedmace, dot islands, gravels and lots of weed beds.

There is no long range casting; the fishery suits discerning anglers who appreciate their surroundings and can adopt a quiet approach. It is also ideal for beginners, or for those looking to add experience to their repertoire.

The fishing can be challenging but rewarding, and there are only eight swims to ensure everyone has their own space. To ensure no-one is disappointed, tickets are available by prebooking only, and because of the wildlife and conservation status numbers of people on site are restricted to a maximum of eight plus bailiffs.

To ensure your privacy and safety, no-one is allowed on site without a valid fishing ticket at any time.

Each fishing ticket covers one person only. No guests; no visitors allowed unless they have purchased a valid fishing ticket (even if they do not intend fishing). No dogs or other pets allowed.

The ponds are deep and weedy in places. No children under 16 years old unless supervised by a responsible adult at all times. No non-swimmers.

Day tickets: Enter fishery at or after 8 a.m – Leave fishery by 6 p.m.

Night tickets: Enter fishery at or after 6 p.m. – Leave fishery by 8 a.m.

24 Hour tickets: Enter fishery at or after 8 a.m. – Leave fishery by 8 a.m.

Please abide by these times to co-operate with others as onsite parking is limited.

Please note: all tickets allow up to (and including) 3 rods.

Directions and Access

Heading South out of Eye, the fishery can be found just outside the town on Cranley Green Road on the left hand side.

Heading North towards Eye, the fishery is just before the town on Cranley Green Road on the right hand side.

Car park is at the South end of the field.


On site.