Oak Pool

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Oak Pool (Arden Lakes)

Arden Lakes, Ingon Lane, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 0QF, UK

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Carp and Coarse

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Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

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21 swims

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1 acres

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Stock: Bream, Carp, Crucian, Perch and Roach


One of Arden Lakes six lakes, Oak Pool was restocked in 2018 and now offers good mixed fishing for carp between 1lbs and 3lbs plus good roach and bream to 3lbs. There are 22 decking platforms evenly spaced around the lake and all could be used in a club match. There is a large central island which offers most pegs the opportunity to fish a feeder against the far bank and good margin fishing for carp between each peg. The deeper water fishes well for silverfish and carp which as the water warms in the summer can be caught nearer the surface on a pellet waggler or short pole rig. Average depths are 5-6 feet in front of the island and 4 feet behind the island.
Best baits are pellets, corn and small cubes of meat with small balls of groundbait helping to hold the fish in your swim.


These rules are to help maintain the health and welfare of our fish:

Day ticket Anglers

  1. Anglers will use their own landing nets, large enough for the size of fish in the lake
  2. No keepnets
  3. On Orchard Lake use an unhooking mat
  4. Two rods maximum per angler
  5. Barbless hooks only
  6. No surface fishing, floating baits, floating freebies or bubble floats
  7. No bread to be used as bait or thrown into the lakes
  8. No barbeques
  9. Gates close at 7:30 pm in the summer, 5.30 pm in the winter
  10. Take all litter home with you
  11. No Dogs

Additional Club Match Rules

  1. We provide landing nets and keepnets and will count the number issued and returned
  2. Dry nets on bank before and after use, 60lbs net limit
  3. Carp over 3lbs in one net, smaller carp and silvers in the second net
  4. Use our weighing sling
  5. Bread can be used as a sinking hook bait only in the winter
  6. Put unused bait in the lake – our fish are always hungry

Anglers are responsible for their own safety, all accidents must be reported before leaving the fishery