Orchard Lake

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Orchard Lake (Arden Lakes)

Arden Lakes, Ingon Lane, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 0QF, UK

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Carp and Coarse

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5 swims

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1.5 acres

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Stock: Carp



Regarded as Arden Lakes specimen carp water, Orchard Lake is one of the original lakes at the fishery. The lake is surrounded by mature trees and woodland so has many sheltered pegs for anglers from both the sun in the summer and the wind and rain in the winter, providing good sport throughout the year. Dating back to the 1940s the lake was used as an irrigation reservoir for Snitterfield Fruit Farm but for the last 10 years has been solely used for angling. Orchard Lake is the biggest of our waters at just over one and a half acres in size and has gently sloping margins which continue to run down to an average of about twelve feet deep in the centre of the lake.


Whilst many anglers fish the deeper open water on a baitrunner, it often pays to fish much closer in with a waggler, particularly next to features such as the weed beds where the fish often patrol. The most productive baits tend to be luncheon meat, sweetcorn and pellets. Carp anglers are welcome to use boilies as both hook baits and loose feed here and on all of our lakes.


These rules are to help maintain the health and welfare of our fish and the enjoyment of fellow anglers.

Day ticket Anglers

  1. Anglers will use their own landing nets, large enough for the size of fish in the lake
  2. No keepnets
  3. On Orchard Lake a suitable sized unhooking mat must be used
  4. Two rods maximum per angler
  5. Barbless hooks only
  6. No surface fishing, floating baits, floating freebies or bubble floats
  7. No bread to be used as bait or thrown into the lakes
  8. No barbeques
  9. Gates close at 7:30 pm in the summer, 5.30 pm in the winter
  10. Take all litter home with you ,failure to do so will result in a ban
  11. No dogs
  12. No guests on site after 7:30 pm

Anglers are responsible for their own safety, all accidents must be reported before leaving the fishery