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Pegasus Lakes Large Double Swim

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Pegasus Lakes (France)

51300 D58, Matignicourt-Goncourt, France

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Carp fishing only

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Intermediate and Advanced

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14 swims

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30 acres

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Stock: Carp


Pegasus Lakes Map


The Lakes

Pegasus Lakes is made up of two stunning, fantastic sized lakes. Lake One of 30 acres (now open) and Lake Two 32 acres (opening soon), both provide everything that the modern-day carp angler requires and show no signs of catfish, Poisson chat or crayfish presence.

Lake 1 consists of 7 double swims and 2 spacious single swims and is for a maximum of 14 anglers with parking available behind your allocated swim or in the car park. A 30-acre gravel pit was dug around 2007. It has everything expected from a decent lake – gravel bars, silt, clay and weed with depths of around 8-12ft.


When you book, you can book a single swim or a double swim, numbered 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 etc. Please note, these are not reflective of which swims you are booking. The numbers represent you and your fellow angler’s place in the draw for specific swims which are allocated (by way of a draw) on the day of arrival to ensure everyone has a fair chance.  Prices for double swims are based on 2 anglers, per double swim.

The Stock:

The water is of superb quality and has earned the fond nickname “the golden mile” reflecting how big the carp grow. The lake was restocked in winter 2019 and around 800 locally farmed carp up to 42lb were added and then again with 60 hand-picked magnificent scaly mirror carp. Lake 1 is home to a few unknown carp originating from the lake being stocked by the local farmer when first dug. One of these magnificent creatures was caught and weighed in at 40lb 9oz.

An extensive feeding program has been carried out since the carp were stocked, this is proving to be a great success as all carp that are being caught currently are up in weight, in immaculate condition and are unbelievable hard fighting fish.

In winter 2020 we handpicked some stunning mirror carp and stocked these. Soon to be up in weight.

Directions and Access

Pegasus Lakes consists of two lakes located in the heart of the champagne region situated within North-Eastern France. Just 3 ½ hours from Calais and 13 km away from the beautiful town of Vity-le-François.

We are 15-20 minutes from the carp mecca, the huge Lac Du Der – Chantecoq, offering water activities & sports, alongside restaurants and bars to which tours can be arranged.

Within the local area of Pegasus Lakes, there are ample food stores that are well stocked and easily accessible.

The two most popular ways to find us here at Pegasus Lakes are by use of the Eurotunnel at Folkestone or by the Dover – Calais ferry.

We are located just 3hrs 20 minutes from the Euro tunnel or 3hrs 30 from the ferry port at Calais, both routes offer an easy drive.

From December 2020 the cost for tolls are roughly €28 each way.

If you have any questions or concerns about the drive or travel please contact Pete and he will help anyway he can.


Firstly we want everyone that visits Pegasus lakes to have a good time, in order for this to happen please make yourself familiar with our rules:

  • Respect
  • Respect the venue
  • Respect the Fish
  • Respect each other
  • Landing nets Retainers and cradles will be supplied.
  • No unattended Rods
  • Maximum 4 rods per person
  • No braided mainline
  • No lead core (tubing and safe zone leaders are allowed i.e. the Korda ones)
  • No plastic fake baits
  • micro barbed hooks
  • Bait boats ARE allowed
  • Rowing Boats ARE allowed to feed up but not to place the rig.
  • Life jackets MUST be worn every single time on a boat no excuses – and NEVER wear waders in a boat.
  • No sacking of fish
  • 100% use the Toilet at all times
  • No open fires or BBQs
  • No cutting of trees or vegetation if needed ask and the owners will gladly sort
  • Litter please leave the area nice and tidy
  • Dogs are allowed but must clean any mess up. *if you bring your dog we will gladly organise at our vets to have the worming tablet and pet passport stamped*
  • Please do not move fish between lake 1 & 2

Hospital & Vets

Hopefully, during your holiday the hospital will not be required, however, just in case there is a hospital locally and assistance will be offered should it be needed.

Vets are also located in the town and if you do decide to bring your pet dog we can organise the appointment to have your pet passport stamped in order to be allowed back to the UK.