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Petersfield Heath Pond/Lake

Sussex Rd, Petersfield GU31 4LB, UK

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Carp and Coarse

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Beginner and Intermediate

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22 swims

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22 acres

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Stock: Carp, Other, Roach and Rudd




Some of the terminologies has changed for the type of membership/ticket that you would have purchased in the past.  As of 1st July 2021, the new terminology will be as follows:

When purchasing an annual ticket, select the “Season” circle to gain access to the following

Annual Membership = Associate Member (Night & Day) – not available to under 18s

Season Tickets  = Annual (Day only) – available to all ages

To book your day or night ticket as a member, follow these instructions:

1. Log in to the user area (Must create an account to do this)
2. Then click/tap “Book tickets”
3. Then select the date
4. Then choose day or night ticket etc
5. Then click “Book ticket”
6. It will show a confirmation message with the Order number
7. A ticket with booking info will be emailed to the member

The Heath Pond Association

Whilst Petersfield Town Council are responsible for Petersfield Heath Pond/Lake, the fishing is overseen by a group of local people known as the Heath Pond Association.

The Heath Pond Association is a local group of volunteers who have a passion for fishing, and members of the team have been fishing the Heath Pond since the 1970s. The purpose of the organisation is to help others enjoy the fun of fishing on this public lake, which is one of the largest westerly towns in the South Downs National Park.  Views around the pond are stunning, and the western end of the South Downs Way can be seen from the north/eastern side of the pond/lake.


General Rules

a. A member must be the only person using the account to book him/herself on for day and/or night time fishing.  No other person booking on the account will be permitted to fish, and will be asked to leave by the bailiff.  Heath Pond Association has the right to revoke membership if the account is misused in this way.

b. Full Members are required to book both day and night sessions as required. A single booked period of fishing must not exceed 48 hours of fishing without a 24 hour break between sessions of 48 hours

Night Rules
a. There are a limited number of night permits in any one year

b. Only 10 permit holders will be allowed to fish on any one night + bailiffs

c. Only anglers over the age of 18 will be eligible for a night season permit

d. Anglers may book no more than 7 days in advance.

e. Initial booking will be for a one 24 hour period (for any additional hours anglers must contact the night bailiff after 12 noon on the same day).

f. Night permit holders must carry their membership paperwork which was provided at the point of becoming a member, and includes photo ID.

g. All other Petersfield Heath rules e.g. fishing and byelaws will apply

Petersfield Heath Rules
a. Bailiffs reserve the right to interpret the rules according to circumstances or anti social behaviour

b. Swims must be kept tidy whilst fishing and all litter to be removed and disposed of appropriately when leaving

c. Unhooking mats must be used; landing nets must be a minimum of 24 inches diameter. NO keep nets, sacks, or retention slings, gaffs or tailers to be used at any time. Anglers must carry a carp care kit and disgorger / artery forceps. ALL FISH to be returned to the water.

d. NO nut baits or floating baits, properly prepared particles only

e. NO fishing from boats, or by wading. NO boats remote or otherwise. NO fishing from the jetty, boardwalk or signposted areas, fishing from defined swims only

f. NO bent hooks or fixed rigs of any kind, only semi fixed or running rigs are permitted

g. Only authentic angling shelters to be used

h. Juniors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Anglers over the age of 18 may use a 3rd rod providing they have the correct rod licenses and that it does not interfere with other anglers

i. NO parking across entrances to the Heath or on grass verges surrounding the Heath. NO unauthorised vehicles anywhere on the Heath at any time

j. Anglers must take due care when water fowl are present. The same applies to any rowing boats

k. NO fires or barbeques allowed.

l. Anglers must behave appropriately at all times. Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated

m. NO trees, reeds or other bank side vegetation to be trimmed. If there is a problem, please inform a bailiff

n. Anglers may use a maximum of 3kgs of bait. NO spodding between the 1st June and September 15th if water levels are low. (if unsure, please contact the Bailiff)

o. All anglers must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency rod license

p. Audio visual equipment may be used at very low volume or with headphones

q. Memberships to run from date of issue to 30th June of each calendar year

r. Pike season runs from 1st October to 14th March NO pike fishing from 15th March to 30th September